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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tipsy Cake aka Fresh Triffle for Sale !!

Strawberry triffle
Kecil- RM20
Besar - RM40

Peach Triffle
Kecil RM20
Besar RM40

Corn Triffle
Kecil RM15
Besar RM30

Mixed Fruit Trifle
Kecil RM20
Besar RM40

Kami menggunakan butter cake dan cream berkualiti terbaik.!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Masih aktif menerima tempahan

As salam semua..

Lama tak update blog cekelat ni. Saya busy dengan study dan newborn baby (dah 3bulan dah baby saya tu) tetapi masih lagi menerima tempahan. Lepas siap tempahan terus hantar kat customer lantas (chewahhh..lantas tu..) lupa nak amek pic.

So siapa2 nk menempah coklat..boleh la email atau sms saja saya ye


for class reservation pls sms me at 012-6669653/019-3935071

Venue: My lil' mansion, Serdang Villa (behind TPM Bukit Jalil)
Time: 10am till done...
Fee: RM 250

We will teach u how to make your own choc without expensive tools and air-cond room. And we will reveal everything for you to start your choc biz.

you also will be provided with notes, refreshment and also chocolate that you have made on your own on that day. We also will give away a special pressie to each students...(suprise...!!!)